Employing a proven edge-cutting technology allows us to continually search for innovative ideas that improve our products and services. Ultimately, this means enabling businesses to flourish by providing the best value end-to-end systems for essential public services and the protection of key assets

To ensure our client’s best interests, we find the optimal mix of specific technologies and delivery systems that match their performance goals. ITT bases this entire process can be proven combination of value engineering and out-of-the-box thinking.

A central workshop in Baghdad has been established for mechanical, electrical, and electronic work. Maintenance is carried out not only on products offered by ITT but also on other security screening products provided by another company.

ITT emphasizes the need to maintain the cost of operation and maintenance activities within the planned budgets, as well optimizing spare parts consumption.

Using this approach, we have consistently delivered fully integrated solutions that maximize benefits while minimizing risks and the total cost of ownership.

On- going training is the key to developing our commercial and technical staff capabilities and enhancing their competencies.

Screening Solutions

Cargo & Vehicle Inspection