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Quick, highly-accurate detection

MailSecur uses safe T-rays to “see inside” letters and packages, with live, 4D imaging. It detects all 9 of the
DHS designated substances compared to only 3 out of 9 for X-ray. Remote screening capabilities are built-in
with around-the-clock access to former military explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) experts

The MailSecur® solution fills a critical gap not addressed by traditional X-ray screening technology – the
ability to detect the most elusive mail threats. Traditional methods of mail screening, like X-ray or chemical
detection, are not sensitive enough to effectively detect threats like liquids, powders, and drug-laced paper.

Operational Advantage

  •  Simple, accurate, and intuitive solution that is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up
  • Safe for the operator with no harmful radiation
  • Most affordable complete mail screening solution
  • Scalable, quickly and easily deployed across multiple sites
  • Eliminates the need for radiation licensing, management, and safety programs
  • Offers 24×365 access to EOD experts for alarm resolution and support and training


A handgun is clearly displayed by the
MailSecur scanner. The T-ray technology
can penetrate a variety of cases,
including hard side, lockable vessels.
Given the 4D, live video capability, an
operator can rotate the object to get
an alternate perspective of the firearm,
zoom in on specific features, and
determine whether any other substances
may be included


The small quantity of powders placed
in envelopes makes it difficult or
impossible for other technologies to
detect. With the live 4D video provided
by MailSecur, an operator can
physically move the envelope and see
the actual grains of powder moving
within the mail item


In the same manner as powders,
while an X-ray scan may pick up
the outline of the substance, it
cannot discern the movement.
Yet, the MailSecur operator can
manipulate the items and easily
determine a liquid substance even
much smaller quantities than can
be detected by X-ray

Laced Papers

Paper sprayed with a toxic or narcotic
substance and allowed to dry may
be imperceptible to the human eye.
MailSecur detects the changes that
occur to the paper and displays the
affected areas as a darker color gradient,
making it easy to detect chemicallyaltered papers, even concealed within
envelopes and packaging.

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