Multi-Mission IO/ER Surveillance Systems

Autonomous solutions are the core of who we are

We have tirelessly pushed the limits of long-endurance, long-range, mobile unmanned aircraft systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.  Whether for Defense, Civilian, or Commercial applications, our platforms help our clients achieve their mission goals. 

Modularity to adapt the platform to the mission

Our systems are designed to modular and adaptable to your needs

Top of the line Surveillance

By combining our aircradts with Epsilon EO/IR Payload, Our solutions become one of the most capable surveillance drones on the market

Onboard Video Processing

The onboard video processor provides: Stabilization of the video Transmission Through a video link Object Tracking Data enhancement – overlays digital zoom recording

Software Stabilization and Roll Correction

Our systems come pre-installed with software stabilization and roll correction, this allows them to provide imagery normally reserved for much larger, more expensive gimblas requiring a larger and more expensive aircraft

Products Datasheets

Target tracking