AiSeed introduces smart drones using edge AI computing

Elevating the the future of defense technology

Use AI-Powered eVTOL drones to unlock new opportunities for the drones industry and drive the most outstanding incumbents

Instant AI analytics for Coastline, Oil, Mining Asset, and Public Threat Tracking; Livestock Monitoring for Precision Agriculture and Maritime Logistics and Security; Forest and Remote Area Delivery

Edge AI Analytics Modernization

While digital solutions aren't sufficient for the challenging requirements of many drone applications a new computing approach with an AI algorithm can help

Data Science Acceleration

Edge AI Data enhances Drones to be Used in Inspection, Traffic Monitoring and smart farming. The growing number of networked IoT and Drones are the type of edge devices that can serve remote work efficiently

Versatility in Application

AiSeed's Edge AI platform comprise AI, Edge Computing, IoT sensors and Data Analytics technologies, which digitize the operation process that improve the efficiency, save the total cost and keep business competitive in the industry

Full Customer Experience Service

AiSeed is known for building up a One-stop Smart Drone service for our clients in a lightning and cost-effective way, based on its patented eVTOL drones, with the Edge-AI-Drone eAD platform, with an easy-to-use user interface

Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

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Smart Battery system make everything easier

Search surroundings easy, safe and fast than ever

Create your favorites routes with packages

Ground Control

With our ground control system that drone can automatically flight with computer without remote control and pilots.

AI Analytics Platform

With our PaaS/Edge AI Platform that it allow we to access the data dashboard to inform real time decision making.

Edge AI Algorithm

In order to have the best performance for drones, we optimism its algorithm 5x faster.

Edge AI Modules

To have a high standard performance we used the best edge AI module in the market to guarantee its performance and accuracy.