AI-driven video analytics with real-time event alerts

AI-driven video analytics that seamlessly integrates with your existing surveillance security infrastructure

Our solutions improve the security and safety of
people, organizations, and objects at scale and with
unrivaled accuracy.

We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning
onto existing IP CCTV systems to transform video
content into actionable insights for rapid review with
real-time alerting.

Real-time video analytics

Allows you to proactively respond to events, increasing safety and business operations

Enhanced security

Use our AI-driven analytics for automated workflows that enhances workplace safety

Actionable insights

Gain actionable information, reports and insights to improve operations

Detect, monitor and respond in real-time at speed and scale with data-driven intelligence

Face Alert & Search

Pedestrian Alert & Search

Vehicle Alert & Search

Pedestrian Alert & Search

Abnormal Behavior Recognition

Smoke & Fire Alert

Unattended Object Alert & Search

Operation Monitoring