Detect, track and classify all intrusions over 360°

HGH takes Wide Area Surveillance to the next level. Our global optronics surveillance solution encompasses a large range of Spynel® 360° IR cameras driven by Cyclope intrusion detection and tracking software. Spynel® panoramic IR cameras provide unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetric threats. With Spynel®, you will receive early intrusion alerts to any type of threats, from swimmers to small wooden boats, RIBs in heavy sea clutter, UAVs, stealth aircrafts … Fully passive, robust and compact, this panoramic surveillance solution can be installed and operational in a few minutes. Our Wide Area Surveillance Solution covers the most challenging defense and security applications. Main applications include perimeter security, naval, coastal and maritime surveillance, border passive surveillance, military bases protection, airport/seaport security, oil&gas sites security.

Select your Spynel® 360 IR camera

Spynel®  Series includes 10 different models split into 5 sensor families (Spynel-X, Spynel-S, Spynel-C, Spynel-U, Spynel-M) for short, medium or long range requirements from 0m up to 9km radius


Video Analytics for Intrusion

CYCLOPE is an advanced image processing software analysing panoramic images captured by the SPYNEL® Wide Area Surveillance sensors in real-time. CYCLOPE automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of land/air/sea threats simultaneously, including hardly detectable threats, such as crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts. CYCLOPE’s latest version takes advantage of 20 years of experience in data processing applied to critical infrastructure protection and InfraRed Search & Track applications, with the development of unique detection, tracking and classification algorithms with ultra-low FAR (False Alarm Rate).

> CYCLOPE Hypervisor
Remote geolocation of all events on a global map

Panoramic infrared cameras

Automatic threat tracking

> Global monitoring, from one single workstation, of all threats tracked by multiple sensors, over multiple critical sites

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